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    Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd Mondays each month at 10am on the 3rd floor (Council Chambers)

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Board of Public Works & Safety

Board of Public Works Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 10:00AM on the 3rd floor in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 227 North Main Street.

Board of Works Meeting Minutes Log



          The Board of Public Works and Safety is established in accordance to Indiana Code (IC 36-4-9-8) pertaining to third class cities.  The Board of Public Works and Safety consists of three members, one being mayor. The remaining two members are appointed by the mayor and must be residents of the city and may hold other appointments or hold elected offices.  
          The public safety function of the board includes law enforcement and fire protection. The public works function of the board includes control over streets, sanitation, transportation, sewers and city utilities.  All city department heads work in conjunction with the members of the Board of Public Works and Safety.

          The Board of Public Works and Safety address issues such as contractual agreements that bind the city, closing streets, and using city facilities.  Approval of motions at the public Boardof Works and Safety meetings require a majority vote.

Members of the Board of Public Works and Safety:

  • Greg York, Mayor
  • David Barker, Director of Public Works and Safety
  • David Copenhaver, City Attorney


Indiana Code:   IC 36-4-9-8 - Third class cities; appointment of officers, employees, boards, and commissions; notice of change in membership of public works and safety board
Sec. 8. (a) This section applies only to third class cities.

    (b) The city executive shall appoint:
        (1) a city civil engineer;
        (2) a city attorney;
        (3) a chief of the fire department;
        (4) a chief of the police department; and
        (5) other officers, employees, boards, and commissions required by statute.
    (c) The board of public works and safety consists of three (3) or five (5) members (as determined by the city executive). The members of the board of public works and safety are:
        (1) the city executive; and
        (2) two (2) or four (4) persons appointed by the executive.
If the executive increases the number of board members from three (3) to five (5) members or decreases the number of board members from five (5) to three (3) members, the city shall publish notice under IC 5-3-1 of the increase or decrease in members and state the total number of members appointed to the board. IC 36-4-4-2 notwithstanding, a member may hold other appointive or elective positions in city government during the member's tenure. IC 36-4-11-2 applies to board member appointments under this section. The city clerk is the clerk of the board.
    (d) If the city legislative body adopts an ordinance under IC 36-4-12 to employ a city manager, the executive may appoint the city manager to a position on the board of public works and safety in place of the executive.
    (e) The city executive may appoint a public safety director to:
        (1) serve as the chief administrative officer of; and
        (2) oversee the operations of;
the police department and fire department. The city executive shall determine the qualifications of the public safety director.
As added by Acts 1980, P.L.212, SEC.3. Amended by Acts 1981, P.L.44, SEC.48; P.L.350-1983, SEC.1; P.L.68-1996, SEC.6; P.L.10-1997, SEC.31; P.L.141-2009, SEC.11; P.L.33-2010, SEC.1.


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