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Who's Responsible for City Utilities?

  • The Mayor is responsible for the policies, maintenance and operation of the water and water pollution control departments and all non-billing/collection services of the Utilities Office.
  • The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for the policies and administration of the billing/collection services of the Utility Office.
  • Mark Stacy is Office Manager, responsible for the daily operation of the Utility Office.
  • Greg Phipps is Water Superintendent, in charge of daily operations and compliance.
  • Fred Duvall is WPC Superintendent, in charge of sewer collection system maintenance and repair.
  • Steve Swoveland is WPC Superintendent, in charge of wastewater treatment plant operations and compliance.
  • Justin McGuire is WPC Pretreatment Coordinator, in charge of industrial pretreatment activity.


(information provided in this section includes excerpts from a legal memorandum and fact sheet provided by David L. Copenhaver, City Attorney in 2005)

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