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Formerly known as the Waste Water Treatment Plant...

This facility is a 10 million gallon per day (MGD), Class IV, activated sludge-type WPCD.  The WPCD has influent flow monitoring, screening, comminution, grit removal, primary clarification, extended aeration, secondary clarification, rapid sand filtration, post aeration, ultraviolet light disinfection, and effluent flow monitoring.  Wet weather flows in excess of the pumping capacity of the WPCD's main lift station are diverted to an aerated wet weather retention basin with a maximum storage capacity of 10,901,000 million gallons.  The untreated wastewater is eventually bled back through the WPCD prior to the influent flow meter for treatment.  Sludge handling facilities include: sludge thickening, mechanical de-watering, anaerobic digestion, and sludge drying.  Biosolids are sent to a landfill. 

New Castle's Water Pollution Control Department provides the following services for the ratepayers:

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Maintenance of sanitary and storm sewers
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)


The vision of the Wastewater Treatment Facility of New Castle is to aspire to provide the highest quality of treated wastewater to the Big Blue River. We will achieve our vision through remembering God created clean water and by being good stewards of the environment we will help keep it that way.


The mission of the Wastewater Treatment Facility is to provide the highest quality treatment and sewer services, by providing the most effectively and efficient service to all residents and business. Excellent services include training, courteous staff to provide timely assistance when ever it is needed.


  • Providing technical assistance and recommendations to Pubic works and citizens on all wastewater and sewer issues.
  • Operating and maintaining the Utility in a fiscally sound manner while providing a level of service exceeding legal requirements.
  • Working cooperatively with other City Departments to address the future wastewater and sewer needs of the city based on new developments, annexations and industrial growth.
  • Encouraging environmental awareness education as they relate to clean water issues.
  • Pursuing knowledge of the best available technology and procedures relating to the field of wastewater and sewer.


  • Providing courteous and exceptional service
  • To provide effective and efficient service
  • To respond to the rate payers needs as promptly as possible
  • To protect the Big Blue River and the environment

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