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Roles and Responsibilities

The Clerk-Treasurer is elected to a four-year term and much like the Mayor is charged with all responsibilities for this office. The Clerk-Treasurer selects employees, sets office policy, and submits a budget to the City Council for approval. Funding for the operation of this office comes from the general fund.
The Clerk-Treasurer's office is responsible for the investment and collection of all funds entitled to the City of New Castle. This includes utility payments, bus fares, permits, fines, etc. Much of the collections occur through other city departments, however reconciliation is made with the Clerk-Treasurer's office.
This office is equally responsible for the payment of all liabilities claimed against the city, including payroll. This includes the payment of taxes to the appropriate governmental entity for withholding tax, FICA, Medicare and sales tax.
Another primary responsibility is the taking of minutes at meetings of the City Council and Board of Public Works; preparing agendas, recording proceedings and maintaining custody of all public records including written ordinances, resolutions and contracts.

Public Information

Citizens may view or photocopy the following public information at the Clerk-Treasurer's office during business hours:
  • Contracts between the city and other public agencies,
  • Minutes of all public meetings conducted by the Board of Public Works and the City Council,
  • Agendas for City Council and Board of Public Works Meetings,
  • Copies of ordinances and resolutions,
  • All financial data including revenues, expenditures and city budgets.


Frequently Asked Questions

(Information provided in this section includes excerpts from a legal memorandum and fact sheet provided by David L. Copenhaver, City Attorney in 2005) 
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