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Rules of Procedure of Council Meetings back  
Date of Record: August 20, 2008




01-1.       A quorum must be present for the City Council to conduct business.

01-2.       A quorum occurs when at least four (4) of the seven (7) elected members are present.

01-3.       Ordinances must be in writing and available for the public for review prior to final passage.

01-4.       Any law containing a fine, penalty, fee, charge, or prohibition, must be presented and passed as an ordinance.

01-5.       All ordinances must be read and passed (readings) at three (3) separate council meetings (this rule may be suspended by unanimous vote of the council).

01-6.       Passage of an ordinance or resolution requires a majority vote of those elected, four (4) votes.

01-7.       Resolutions are those laws of the City that are not ordinances.  Resolutions must be read and passed (readings) at one (1) council meeting.  Except where provided for by state law, the use of resolutions shall be limited and should generally involve matters that do not require stimulate public debate.

01-8.       Rules of Procedures of this Council shall be presented by motion and adopted by a majority vote of those present at the meeting and require only one (1) reading.  They need not be in writing until after adoption.

01-9.       All members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings of this council and comment on matters of public concern.  General comments shall occur at the beginning of the meeting.  Comments on particular ordinances shall occur at the time the ordinance is presented for consideration.  Those wishing to make comments should first be recognized by the presiding officer.  The speaker should then approach the podium.  Comments should be a presentation of information or opinion.  Generally, presentations should be directed to the council, not other members of the audience.  Comments should not exceed five (5) minutes in length.  Speakers should not expect a lengthy personal dialog with City officials or employees.  This should be done at times other than public meetings.  The Council may address questions to the speaker.  Generally, speakers shall be limited to one (1) presentation during a meeting on each issue or matter, which the speaker wishes to address.

01-10.   A single speaker representing a group present is encouraged.

01-11.   All votes must be cast in person.  Proxy or written votes will not be considered.

01-12.   All votes shall be by oral, roll call vote.

01-13.   To be voted upon, an ordinance must appear on the agenda prior to the meeting.

01-14.   An ordinance cannot be amended (except to correct errors) at the meeting of its final passage.



Passed on August 20, 2001 at a meeting of the Common Council of the City of New Castle by all seven (7) members of the council.