Mayor's Demolition List - 2012

Mayor Greg York released the 2012 Top 20 on the city's demolition list.  It is hoped that through budgeted funds as well as private donations the list will be completed in 2012, however that will depend on the community getting behind the effort and providing essential funding.  There is currently $85,000 available in the budget for these projects and it is anticipated that individual demolitions will run between $3,000 and $8,000 each depending on the size of the building.
Below are the homes on the list for 2012.  This list will be updated as the projects are completed.
1613 Morton Street  -  Completed
403 South 17th Street
1625 "F" Avenue
2122 Grand Avenue
402 Cedar Street
209 North 30th Street
400 North 30th Street
1104 South 28th Street
138 South 6th Street
410 North 16th Street
410 North 29th Street
400 North 18th Street
818 Spring Street
209 North 9th Street
503 Church Street
707 South 22nd Street
118 North 16th Street
216 North 16th Street
1405 Thornburg Street
110 North 16th Street