Shelter & Stage Reservations

Shelter & Stage Reservations
Reservations are taken for 2 shelters in Baker Park, 1 shelter in Osborne Park and 1 Shelter in Lowe Park.  Reservations are taken annually beginning January 1 each year must be made (in person) at the Mayor's Office located in City Hall, 227 North Main Street until the January 31.  Confirmation receipts must be picked up at the Mayor's Office by those making telephone reservations after January 31.
Reservations for the Baker Park Stage are made using the same procedures as for a shelter.  The state is an ideal facility for music events, ceremonies and other entertainment.  The handicapped accessible stage is covered and has electricity and lighting available. 
Currently there is no charge for use of the shelter or stage facilities.
Please contact the Mayor's Office at 765-529-7605 for further information