2015 Legislation


Disclaimer: Official copies of the ordinances and resolutions are available at the Clerk Treasurer's Office. Those presented on the website may not contain amendments made at subsequent City Council Meetings.

    Ordinance / Resolution     Description      Final Action     
3714  Amending City Code Title VII, Ch 74, Sch I  
3715  Amend Title 15, Section 153 Flood Hazard Areas  
3716  Amend Bond Ordinance #3463  
3717  Additional Appropriation of Funds Not Previously Budgeted  
03022015-1  Authorizing the Disposal of Certain Land  
03022015-2  Authorizing Submittal of the Community Develop. Block Grant Appl. to the Indiana Housing & Community Develop. Authority  
3718  Allowing Two-Way Traffic on a Portion of B. Ave  
04062015-1  Authorizing Financial Support For ECI Regional Planning District  
04202015-1  Establishing the Rose City Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail & Route  
3719  Making It Illegal To Park In A Designated Bicycle Lane  
3720  Amending City Code Title VII, Ch 75, Sch. I Establishing Additional No-Parking Zones  
3721  Repealing A Certain No-Parking Zone  
05182015-1  Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Program  
3722  Amending City Code Title VII, CH. 76 "Mopeds & Pocket Bikes"  
3723  Amending Title V, CH. 53 of City Code "Stormwater Regulation"  
3724  Amending CH. 74, Sch. I (Stop Streets) of City Code                                   
3725  Amending City Code Section 97.05 & 97.15  
06152015-1  Granting Tax Abatement to KVK US Technologies, Inc  
3726  Amending Zoning Districts in New Castle  
3727  2016 Budget  
3728  2016 Elected Officials Salary  
3729  2016 Management Salary  
3730  2016 DOF Salary  
3731  2016 Police Salary  
3732 2016 Fire Salary   
3733  2016 EMS Salary  
3734  2016 Hourly Salary                                                                                               
09212015-1  Authorizing Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement   
3735  Removing Certain Existing Stop Signs & Installing A New Stop Sign  
3736  Eliminating Bicycle Lanes And Adding a Parking Lane on a Portion of Bundy Ave  
3737  Removing a Traffic Light and Adding Stop Signs  
3738  Ordinance Repealing Ordinance #3724  
3739 Establishing a Non-Reverting Fund Entitled "LOIT"  
11022015-1 Authorizing Transfer of Funds  
11162015-1 Authorizing Transfer of Funds  
3740 Allowing Preapproval of Certain Claims  
12072015-1 Encumbrance of Funds From One Year to Another  
12072015-2  Amending Ordinance #3729  
12212015-1  Transferring Funds within Funds