South Mound Cemetery - History & Regulations

South Mound Cemetery - History & Regulations


Regulations were designed to protect the sacredness and beauty of the cemetery, while providing for the safety of visitors and workers.  The regulations were enacted by ordinance from the New Castle City Council and are amended as needed. 


There is a six (6) month waiting period after interment before a stone and foundation can be placed.  This applies to all interments except burial of babies and cremains.  Pre-need monuments may be set at any time, however must be determined through the Superintendent.  There is a stone height limitation for Section 12 (free ground) of 18 inches.  All foundation orders must be approved by the Superintendent for location and size.  There is a foundation location fee.


Saddles or items placed on a stone area are allowed year-round.  Flowers, wreaths, etc. may be placed on the ground after mowing season (November 30) and must be removed by April 1.  Grave blankets and other winter holiday decorations must be removed by March 1.  All items left on the ground will be removed during Spring clean-up (April 1) and discarded.  All Memorial Day decorations placed on the ground must be removed seven (7) days after Memorial Day.  The cemetery cannot be responsible for any decorations that are stolen, lost, damaged or misplaced.

Brief History:

South Mound Cemetery was established in 1859 by the New Castle Cemetery Association and consisted of five acres of land.  The cemetery is now owned and operated by the City of New Castle and consists of two parcels of land, one on each side of State Road 3.  To the east is South Mound, now measuring 115 acres.  South Mound's rolling landscape and majestic old trees make for a beautiful and serene final resting place.  It continues to be a source of pride for the community and many compliments are received from out of town visitors.  The City of New Castle continues to assure top level perpetual care and maintenance.