Westlawn Addition to South Mound Cemetery

West Lawn Addition to South Mound Cemetery - History & Regulations

 Regulations concerning West Lawn Addition were designed to protect the sacredness and beauty of the cemetery, while providing for the safety of visitors and workers.  The regulations were enacted by ordinance from the New Castle City Council and are amended as needed.


 There is a six (6) month waiting period after interment before a stone can be placed.  This applies to all except burial of babies and cremains.  Pre-need monuments can be set at any time, however must be coordinated through the Superintendent.  The maximum height for base plus tablet is 36 inches.  All foundation orders must be approved by the Superintendent for location and size.  There is a foundation location fee.


 If a grave is unmarked, one item - a temporary cross, urn with flowers, or appropriate statue - less than 36 inches high will be allowed until the permanent monument is placed on the grave.  All such urns or statues shall be placed on a flat concrete slab and secured.  All rules regarding special holidays shall remain in effect for unmarked as well as marked graves.

Special Holidays:

 Flowers and decorations may be placed on the ground two days prior to the following holidays:

      1. Memorial Day
      2. Easter
      3. Mother's Day
      4. Father's Day

All flowers and decorations placed on the ground shall be removed by the owners, not later than seven (7) days following Memorial Day and two (2) days following Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

One shepherd's hook per grave will be allowed during the same decoration periods listed above.  Shepherd's hooks may not be decorated with any material, including ribbons, balloons, etc.  Shepherd's hooks must be less than 54 inches in height and be substantially constructed.  Any items left after the allowable time will be removed by cemetery personnel.  Shepherd's hooks will be held for thirty (30) days to be claimed and will then be discarded.


The installation of fencing, hedging border, or enclosures of any kind around a burial lot or gravesite is prohibited.  The placement of gravel, mulch, sand, or other materials shall not be permitted.

No item shall be placed on the ground surrounding the gravestone foundation between the dates of April 1 and November 30 (mowing season), except as mentioned for special holidays.  The only items permitted during mowing season shall include vases attached to the monument or foundation, monument saddles, memory lights and small statues permanently affixed to the concrete foundation or monument base.

Vases, urns, and angel statues must be less than 36 inches in height and be placed on the monument foundation, if there is sufficient space, or on cement.  Such vases or urns shall be reasonably secured to prevent becoming dislodged and causing a safety hazard.  No glass or breakable container shall be permitted.  No metal cans, wire hooks, or spikes are permitted.

Grave blankets shall be allowed from November 30 to March 1.  All hooks or spikes must be secured to the blanket to prevent them from coming loose and becoming a hazard to cemetery workers.

Planting of shrubs, trees, or flowers is strictly prohibited.

Any decoration not specified previously shall not be allowed to be placed on grave sites.  This includes the placing of boxes, shelves, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, pumpkins, Easter egg trees, and other such items.  Any decoration placed on graves contrary to these rules shall be removed.  Cemetery management shall have no responsibility to the owner or third party for such items. 

Brief History:

The West Lawn addition to South Mound Cemetery was added in the early 1980's.  Currently measuring 46 acres, development of new burial sites continues.