ARRA Project Complete at Transportation Department



City of New Castle
New Castle Community Transit
Completes ARRA Funded Renovation
The City of New Castle is please to announce that it has completed the renovation of the Transit Facility located at 201 South 25th Street, New Castle after a long 4-year grant process.  The renovation was completed with federal funds provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.  The Indiana Department of Transportation was the pass through agency of the funds providing technical assistance and compliance oversight.  The application process started in 2009 by then Transit Manager, Deborah Thornhill secured a grant in the amount of $423,945 which was broken down into two "tiers," with Tier 1 providing for Capital Purchases of Equipment and Tier II providing for Capital Improvements and Renovation of Facilities.  Deborah completed the Tier 1 process with the purchase of vehicles, furnishings, lawn care equipment, security equipment, and office equipment totally $188,860.  Deborah then turned the reins over to Doug Sloan in January 2012 when he became Transit Manager.  Doug completed the Tier II projects which included renovation to the parking lot, landscape, signs, sidewalks, overhead doors, gates, windows, and cabinets at the transit facility, as well as sidewalk repair and bus shelters at the Maplewood Terrace transfer location spending the remaining $235,085 of federal funds.
Utilizing the Request for Quote (RFQ) process the Transit Manager solicited no less than three quotes, from DBE's, local and other contractors on each aspect of the grant.  The RFQ process guarantees lowest bidders the award, in most cases.  New Castle-Henry County contractors submitted lowest bid on nearly half of the projects for just $203,000 of Tier II funds.
Photos will be provided over the next few days to show the upgrades to the facility.