New Castle Parks Board in Fundraising Mode

Information reprinted with permission of the Courier Times, local newspaper New Castle, Indiana

New Castle Parks Board in fundraising mode

Posted: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 6:00 am

The New Castle Parks Board has a couple of fundraisers in the works, one of which required nothing of the board other than their approval to proceed.

The first fundraiser involves Scott Frost of Frost Framing, 1305 Indiana Ave., who appeared before the board Monday and asked for permission to proceed with a promotion that involves donating $5 for every new “like” the Frost Framing Facebook page receives, up to $1,000.

“That’s free money for us. That’s awesome,” New Castle Mayor Greg York said. “I hope more companies and corporations get on board and feel the same way.”

Frost said he currently has 170 likes and is interested increasing that number. He also said he has spoken with a representative of the Henry County Community Foundation about placing the donations he is willing to make into the park board’s pass-through account there, which would make the funds immediately available for any projects the board deems worthy.

He added that the HCCF has agreed to help promote his offer, as has Missy Modesitt at the New Castle-Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

Board president Patty Broyles made a motion to endorse Frost’s offer and it passed unanimously.

“This money is desperately needed because we only received $275,000 (in food and beverage tax money) on the skate park and it plus upgrades to park security and improvements to park restrooms is over $400,000,” Broyles said. “We’re excited and I hope other businesses will consider doing something similar.”

She also noted that Frost’s offer went into effect upon the board’s approval of the idea and encouraged all area Facebook users to consider “liking” the page involved so the parks system can capture as much of the potential funding as possible.

The board also re-authorized the sale of wire baskets used at the original community swimming pool in Baker Park.

They come with a small card that contains a brief recap of their history and a photo of the original pool house. They are priced at $25 each or two for $40 and are available for purchase at Nantz Photography, 206 S. 14th St., during normal business hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. The baskets also will likely be available for purchase during the annual Christmas Walk the evening of Dec. 1.

Dave Nantz, who serves on the board, previously said this promotion is a great way for people to own a little New Castle history and help the board improve the parks at the same time. For more information about purchasing a basket call (765) 521-8888.

Anyone wishing to help support the parks but isn’t interested in owning a basket is encouraged to make a donation to the fund established at HCCF. For more information about that call (765) 529-2235 or stop by 700 S. Memorial Drive.