Park Board Meeting Minutes - 6/3/2013


JUNE 3, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT:   Jerry Hyden, Jim Cole, and Christian Miller

MEMBERS ABSENT:     Brad Crowe

OTHERS PRESENT:        Mayor Greg York, Bud Ayers-Superintendent, and Kendra Kennedy


Mayor Greg York opened this meeting at 5:30 pm.


Jerry Hyden made a motion to approve the minutes of May 6, 2013 meeting. Second by Christian Miller.



Jerry Hyden mentioned a hot dog stand being set up in front of the Aquatic Center and basketball courts. Mayor York said that he nor anyone else in the City allowed this to happen and that he would let the gentleman know he cannot sell on any City property, including the park and Aquatic Center. Bud mentioned this was a long standing Board of Works policy for no private vendors to sell on City property. Bud noted that the tree on Hillsboro road is down except for the brush. Jim Cole also stated the tree on Trojan Lane near the side walk by the fire station is dead and not producing leaves. Mayor York noted the tree would be removed next year. Jim Cole stated to Bud that the memorial rock near the volleyball court, the shrubs on the side need to be trimmed. Bud said he would have it taken care of.



Mayor York gave kudos for the park being well kept up for Memorial Day. Also, he noted that at that mornings Board of Works meeting, Tammy Wagner from Special Olympics and Kim Kilgore from United Fund wanted to have approval for Baker 1 Shelter for September 14, 2013 and also part of Main street to have a Summer Special Olympics Day with food, games, vendors, booths, etc. from 8-9. More information will come closer to date to the board concerning this event. Mayor York stated that he has received numerous of calls regarding the back of Osborne Park being over grown. Jeff Ray has received a grant to spray for a controlled grass so it will not need to be mowed. He will also plant flowers and additional trails will be made for walkers. Lisa Archey made a mention that she walks the path and it is nearly knee high and can barely be walked. She had pictures on her Ipad to illustrate how over grown the grass is. She said that there is a fence in between there and the back where a strip had been mowed and if Bud and the guys could mow four additional strips to make it easier to walk until Jeff Ray gets his project done. Bud and the guys will cut everything to the woods. Mayor York will get with Jeff and see what his plans are. Jim Cole added that he has received calls about dogs being in the park and the owners have not been cleaning up after they use the bathroom. Lisa Archey said her business would donate one of the plastic bag dispensers and also have a few other business donate as well. Mayor York noted that the bags will be in place. If people have their pets in the park and do not clean up after them and they are caught, they will be fined.



Michael Lopez Youth Pastor from Foursquare Church came before the board to ask approval for Shelter 2 to be reserved for Wednesday evening June 12, 2013 from 6-8 to have a service for the kids and also have ramps set up from baker two entrance so the kids can ride their bikes and do tricks. The Mayor noted it would be a good idea to have the gate blocked off so no traffic could come in that way during this event. Jim stated that Vaughn would oversee and keep an eye out during this date to make sure things are in order.