Park Board Minutes - 5/6/2013


MAY 6, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT:    Jerry Hyden, Jim Cole, and Christian Miller

MEMEBERS ABSENT:    Mayor Greg York, Brad Crowe

OTHERS PRESENT:         Bud Ayers-Superintendent, Christy York-Clerk Treasurer, and Kendra Kennedy


Jim Cole opened this meeting at 5:30 pm.


Jim Cole noted on the approval of the former meeting minutes that Will Ruback's last name was spelled incorrectly. Former minutes showed as Reubeck, it should reflect as Ruback. Christian Miller made a motion to approve the minutes from April 1, 2013. Second by Jerry Hyden. Motion carried 3-0



Clerk-Treasurer Christy York brought a copy of the press release that stated opening dates for the Aquatic Center and the Concession stand. Christy asked for approval by the board and also to give a copy to the Courier Times to be published in the paper. Jim Cole asked if June, July, and August would have a similar schedule and Christy stated once the pool is open for the season would be likely to stay open until Labor Day weather permitting and what the Mayor would see fit. Jerry Hyden made a motion to accept the release. Second by Christian Miller. Motion carried 3-0


Roger Hibbard came before the board to receive approval for a motor cycle benefit at Osborne Park July 7, 2013 from 10-5. Roger represents the Posse Motorcycle Group. They are civic minded and family oriented. The benefit will help raise funds for Randy Owens. The benefit will be based in Osborne Park at the shelter house. Roger also stated he had spoken to Chief Brad Catron about having a few police officers at the event to just have their presence there not that it would be needed. Jerry Hyden made a motion to approve this benefit. Second by Christian Miller. Motion carried 3-0


Candace Hill came before the board and stated she was denied the grant from the foundation for Osborne Park. The foundation told her she could try again in the fall. She also stated how bad the trees are at Osborne Park. The arborist she had to come in and evaluate the trees had used a stick and it went all the way through majority of them. It was brought to attention by Candace and Jerry Hyden that the tree on Hillsboro Road poses immediate danger and needs to be taken down as soon as possible. Jerry Hyden made the motion to have this tree removed. Second by Christian Miller. Motion carried 3-0



Bud stated that at Osborne Park the tree on Hillsboro Road must be taken care of immediately due to the danger it imposes, the old press box needs to be removed,the bushes at the entrance of the park need to be trimmed back, and the flag pole needs to be fixed. Bud also stated that the removal of trees at Baker Park is complete. Shalei Rogers stated that the pool is still under repair and hopes this week sometime it will be done. Christian Miller gave kudos to Bud for how well the park is looking with the trees and the new benches. Jim Cole also stated that Will Ruback was turned down for the grant for the handicap playground. Shalei also asked Bud if the guys at the park could put the covers back on the umbrellas for the pool in the next week or two. He said that they could get that done.