Water Theft Protocol Established

Approved 5/6/2013 by the Utility Impact Board
1)   Customer notified in bill of delinquent account and water will be turned off.  This appears on the last monthly statement
      mailed 1st Class to customer by Utility.
2)   Customer does not notify utility and make payment or contract to do so.  It short, Customer does not take any step to
      correct delinquent account.
3)    City Utility personnel go to property, shut off water and advise customer by placing a hanger on the door that the water
       is shut off and any unauthorized reconnection is theft.
4)    City determines that water has been turned back on without authorization by Utility.
5)    City Utility personnel and NCPD officer go to home.  Utility personnel shut off water a 2nd time.  NCPD officer advises
       customer that reconnection was not authorized and that absent contacting Utility within 48 hours and making prompt
       efforts to pay for "stolen" water, matter will be referred to the Prosecutor.  A 2nd hanger is placed on door advising
       customer of same.
6)    If customer does not contact Utility within 48 hours after visit, Utility advises NCPD of status so that prosecution can be