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The New Castle Fire Department believes in taking a proactive stance with regard to firefighting.  As such, the department is continually practicing their skills to make them safe to return home after each incident and better service the citizens of New Castle and Henry Township.  There are several firefighters that either instruct or set up various training sessions for the personnel on al the shift.  Additionally, they can combine their resources to host a large training session for the entire department, County wide training as well as district courses.  We have accomplished with a live-fire training exercise in a house that was donated to the department, and now with a huge Training Center, made possible by IDHS Infrastructure grants, it is available to our Firefighters and emergency responders in Henry County as well as District 6 .  The department has five state certified Instructors with two having Fire Instructor 2/3 and three Instructor 1 certifications.
The New Castle Fire Department currently has 25 members who are state certified EMT's. 5 other members are 1st responders. The fire department maintains their EMS skills training through regular continuing education.  FF/Paramedic Tim Welch provides training for the firefighters maintain medical skills necessary for all types of emergency incidents including extrication, fire related injuries, traumatic injuries, and basic skills used while responding with the ALS ambulance crews.
Department members currently meet the federal requirements for National Incident Management System (NIMS).  We are now compliant with the Command Staff NIMS Training that is just a small part of being compliant with NIMS and federal requirements they have set forth on an annual basis.  These courses will prepare command level staff to respond to large scale incidents, not only in New Castle, but anywhere our assistance might be needed.  By completing a nationwide standardized course, firefighters from all across the country will be able to function effectively at any incident regardless of its location.
The department will not remain idle for long between emergencies.  It is our goal to keep our basic skills fresh and strong as we pursue new areas of training to better prepare ourselves for the day you might need us.
We have had several different types of fire suppression and special rescue training at the department some of these a some the topics and skills that help make the firefighters more prepared when the situations arises.
Underground pipelines
Cold water & ice rescue
Emergency vehicle operations
Firefighter survival & rescue
Fire investigation
Flash-Over Chamber
Swift water
Live electric line (REMC)
Confined space entry
Smoke reading
Rapid intervention teams
Search & Rescue
Rope & knots
Trench rescue
With the Training Center we are able to have live burns and many other types of training at this facility on Hillsboro Rd.  Anytime you can train in realistic controlled and safe conditions and better a firefighters skills, you are able to put more tools in their tool box to keep them safe and return home after each and every incident safely.