MVH - Streets / Seasonal Services

MVH - Streets / Seasonal Services



During the fall leaf season (Approximately October 1 through December 1) the city operates several leaf vacs which pick up leaves at the curb.  Leaves should be raked to the curb (not on the street) for vacuuming. Please do not allow limbs and twigs to be mixed in with the leaves. Leaves may be bagged and placed out with the regular sanitation at any time during the year.  Those collected are recycled at the State Prison.

Yard debris can be removed by calling 521-6831 to schedule a pick up.  Calls are processed in the order they are received.  Limbs should be piled at the curb (not on the street) facing the same direction, with no limbs bigger than 6" in diameter for the chipper.  During the fall leaf season, leaves should be raked to the curb (not on the street) for vacuuming.  When removing bushes and such, the root ball must be cut off because it will not go through the chipper.  Those items can be set out as yard waste and a sanitation truck will pick it up.


The street department is responsible for snow removal on all city streets, except State Highways.  The main routes are cleaned first, then residential areas.  Residents and contractors are asked not to push snow out onto city streets.  The city does not plow alleyways, except with the assistant of emergency services.  There is an ordinance requiring city residents and businesses to keep sidewalks cleared.


The street department maintains all street markers, stop signs, etc within the city limits, except for those on State Highways.  Signs that are found to be missing or damaged should be reported to the street department at 521-6831.

Handicap parking signs must have City Council approval before they can be placed.  Place your request through the city's building inspectors office or police department.


The department is responsible for painting curbs, intersections markers, crosswalks, etc. in compliance with established city codes and ordinances.  Requests for these projects should be made through the building inspectors office.