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Consistent with the philosophy of the State of Indiana, the City of New Castle agrees that all documents of the City are public records and should be available for inspection and copying, with the exception of a few documents that are considered confidential under Indiana Code 5-14-3-4. Requests for public records from the City of New Castle must be in writing and reasonably particular.

Requests for public records will be reviewed during normal business hours. The Mayor's office will acknowledge the receipt of hand-delivered requests within 24 business hours and the receipt of requests via facsimile, mail or electronic mail within seven (7) calendar days. These will be forwarded to the Clerk Treasurer.

There may be charges for duplication of the requested records. The Clerk Treasurer's office will respond in writing to all requests that are denied and state the statutory exception authorizing the withholding of all or part of the public record and the name and title/position of the person responsible for the denial.
Official electronic documents are not available from the City of New Castle.

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