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Josh Russell,
EMS Chief
1315 I Ave
New Castle, IN 47362
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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - First Aid

Dial 911 for Emergencies
529-4890 for Non-Emergencies
Proudly Serving Since 1944
It is our mission to provide compassionate, quality care to the citizens of New Castle - Henry County. We will be known for professionalism and excellence in emergency care. We will serve our fellow citizens with integrity and virtuous character. We will maintain a positive, safe work environment where our brotherhood/sisterhood will all share fair and equal treatment regardless of race, ethnicity and gender without prejudice.
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"The First Aid Unit" known today as New Castle - Henry County Emergency Medical Service has been proudly serving New Castle and Henry County residents since 1944, thanks in part to a vision that the late "Chuck" Wood had.  This EMS service has a long standing heritage and an unmatched quality in both patient care and equipment used to provide patient care.
Captain Charles M. "Chuck" Wood
9/3/1908 - 6/30/1979
Personnel is comprised of:
       Thirteen (13) Paramedics, including the Chief
       Fourteen (14) Basic EMT's
              One    (1) Billing Clerk
Each of our four (4) rotating shifts includes:
       Three (3) Paramedics, one (1) being the shift Lieutenant
       Four (4) EMT's staffing three (3) fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS)
                    Ambulances, & 1 fully equipped QRV (Quick Response Vehicle) every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
All of our ambulances, the duty crew's living quarters and the Chief's office are located in the geographical center of New Castle and Henry County at the corner of Roosevelt and "I" Avenue.  We have a total of four (4) State of Indiana certified ALS ambulances, and two (2) ALS certified non-transport QRV's (Quick Response Vehicles)
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In January 2014, we took delivery of two (2) new "State of the Art" 2014 Chevrolet / Braun type III ambulances (in photos), with the same graphic scheme to match our 2011 Chevrolet/Braun Type III Ambulances. All of our trucks (Ambulances/QRV's) were purchased with monies recovered from our insurance billing program that was implemented in 2004.  No tax money was used for the purchase of these ambulances or the equipment they are outfitted with.
Our ambulance service is equipped with several features that makes us a very unique service. Each truck is equipped with:
          Hurst "Jaws of Life" 5,000 Psi hydraulic extrication tools consisting of spreaders,
          cutters, rams and power units that make vehicle extrication fast and efficient.  Very few
          (if any) ambulance services nationally carry this type of equipment.
          Zoll AutoPulse machines, which are essentially automatic chest compression (CPR)
          machines that can circulate up to 85%-90% of your bodies blood during a "cardiac
          arrest" (manual CPR circulates approximately 35% of your bodies blood.  The manual
          figure depends on who is doing the CPR and how exhausted that person is. 
          CPAP Breathing Devices
          GETAC Ruggedized Computers
          Stryker Power Pro automatic lifting cots-4 new ones purchased in January 2014
          Glucometers (calibrated daily)
          Zoll X-Series 12-Lead Cardiac Monitors/Defibrillators/Pacers
          Motorola 800 MHZ portable radios & Kenwood VHF Portable Radios for superior communication
Again, all trucks and equipment were purchased without the use of tax dollars.
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It is my hope that the citizens of New Castle and Henry County are as proud of "Our" Emergency Medical Service (EMS), the fine and professional personnel, and the life saving equipment that "we" are so fortunate to have protecting "our" community.  I could not be more proud and thankful for the support we receive.  Our community is truly "blessed" to have all of these things, they are second to none.  Thank you for taking the time to read about "our" EMS services.  If you have any questions about New Castle - Henry County EMS services, feel free to contact me at the EMS station, 765-521-6860 or via email at