Help Needed as Community Victory Garden Project Gets Underway

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The Hope Initiative is building a
Community Victory Garden
in New Castle.
The purpose of the Hope Victory Garden is to provide a safe and nurturing space for neighbors and volunteers to experience the many benefits of gardening.
Are You Interested?
c in growing your own food             c in learning how to garden
c in saving money                            c in being involved in your community
c in eating healthfully                       c in sharing your skills
c in being a friend of the garden    
If you have any of the above interests and want to be a part of this project, contact Sandy Kincaid at 529-3057.     No experience necessary.    No age limit.    No cost.

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5/9/2010 10:24:00 PM           Article as published in the New Castle Courier -Times 
Victory Gardens to produce fruit,
veggies for city residents
By:  Katie Clontz - Staff Writer

New Castle residents looking for a way to cut down on their grocery bills and enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are in luck.

HOPE Initiative, an organization established to extend dignity to every citizen in Henry County, has partnered with local organizations to tend several gardens throughout the New Castle area.

Jimmy Kidd, an executive member of HOPE Initiative and a New Castle city councilman, is in charge of the garden project.

According to Kidd, the idea for the Victory Gardens came about during one of HOPE Initiative's regular meetings.

This year marks the pilot program for the gardens, Kidd said.

HOPE Initiative will till plots of land by Wilbur Wright Elementary School and Westminster Community Center, Kidd said. Other plots will be tilled near the fire station training grounds on Hillsboro Road near Osborne Park, as well as a section near Habitat for Humanity on 19th Street.

According to Kidd, people in neighborhoods surrounding the plots are invited to take a section of the garden and plant what they want. Individuals are responsible for providing their own seeds and tending the garden. Participants can then enjoy the garden's harvest.

To promote the gardens, Kidd said he went door-to-door around 19th Street and recruited four or five families who expressed an interest in participating.

"It's well received," Kidd said of the garden plans. "I'm just not sure it's well-circulated."

Organizations partnering with HOPE Initiative for the garden project include the Westminster Community Center, Habitat for Humanity, New Castle Public Schools, the City of New Castle, the Henry County Sheriff's Department and the Purdue Extension Office.

Kidd said that HOPE Initiative plans to have all the garden sites tilled within the next couple of weeks so that people can begin planting around the third week in May.

Anyone interested in participating in the Victory Gardens can contact Kidd at 521-2949.

HOPE Initiative meets at 6:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month and is open to the public.

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