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  • FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION (FHWA) TAP FUNDS The City of New Castle was recently awarded $199,350.00 in Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) TAP Funds from INDOT. This award will help construct sidewalks for the south side of Riley Road and the west side of South Main Street. The funds will be available for construction in the State's 2018 fiscal year. 


  • MAIN STREET GROUP A group consisting of local leaders and citizens whos mission is dedicated to renewing, growing, and promoting downtown New Castle by stimulating economic growth and fostering community pride while preserving our unique history. City Council recently approved funding for $24,000 in riverboat money to hire Vandewalle & Associates to help conduct a downtown action plan. This plan will help identify what actions/improvements the community can take to support the success of the Jennings project and other private investments downtown.


  • BIKE PEDESTRIAN PLAN  An advisory committee has been formed to create bicycle/pedestrian routes throughout the City of New Castle. Once finalized, the goal will be to connect the routes through our parks, schools, neighborhoods, and many business locations. This will better enhance the transportation for the citizens who are walking and bicycling.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Appendix A of New Castle Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan 
  • Final plan 



  • NEW CASTLE CSO PROJECT  The City of New Castle is in the process of constructing a new storm sewer for the north end of the city. In an agreement with the State of Indiana, we have a fifteen year plan-Our Long Term Control Plan (LTCP)-to reduce or eliminate overflows of sewage in the Big Blue River and its tributaries. The overflows are caused by too much water entering the combined sewer system when storms roll through. The city is building this new sewer to eliminate the storm water in the combined system and reduce the overflows. This is a large project starting west of N. 12th Street and continuing East through easements, Woodward Ave, N. 18th Street, and Spring Street ending at N. 26th Street. Once that area is completed, the next phase of this project will begin at Cherry Street to 11th Street.This project will take over a year to construct. The inconvenience to residents along this path during construction, will be frustrating at times, but is necessary to meet our commitments for the Long Term Control Plan. The City of New Castle will make every effort to minimize the problems for residents, but at times you can expect, among other things, dust, rough roads, heavy equipment, noise, and parking trouble. These conditions are unavoidable and we ask for patience and understanding while the construction is occurring. In the end the streets and affected yards will be returned to a nicer condition than before, and the environment will benefit from cleaner water.      


  • HOUSING ASSESSMENT  MKM Architecture & Design has been commissioned by the City of New Castle to provide a comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis. They are focusing on our current housing stock, and demographic projections to determine our future housing needs. MKM will advise us on future housing needs and development strategies to enhance livability throughout the community.


  • BLIGHT ELIMINATION PROGRAM (BEP)  The City of New Castle with invaluable work of ICAP, recently secured funds from the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority to facilitate the demolition of dilapidated houses in neighborhoods throughout the City and in to the County. This program is designed to eliminate the "worst of the worst" and return the property to productive use in the community. This will stabilize property values and enhance the quality of the affected neighborhoods.



Market Study-Historic Jennings Apartments

          Creekside at Fosters Landing 

          ERA Solds Reason

          Research Planning & Application Documents

          Northside Livability Study

          Raintree Development Presentation

          Raintree Development Report

          Rightsizing Communities Through Historic Preservation

          Strategic Framework Update

          Stellar Program-New Castle Letter of Interest 2013

          Request For Proposal Housing Study

          Housing Needs Assessment

          MKM Preliminary Housing Report


News & Notices

  • ARRA Project Complete at Transportation Department

    Published: Thursday, March 28, 2013

    City of New Castle New Castle Community Transit Completes ARRA Funded Renovation The City of New Castle is please to announce that it has completed the renovation of the Transit Facility located at 201 South 25th Street, New Castle after a lon...

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